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Answer ID   Answer ID - Sort Descending (Z to A) Answer ID - Sort Ascending (A to Z) Summary   Summary - Sort Descending (Z to A) Summary - Sort Ascending (A to Z)
1 303 I filed some time ago and the automated refund system says it has not been processed.
2 305 Checking the status of your refund
3 235 Refund of estimated tax paid in error
4 253 Amount on Form 1099-G does not match last year's refund
5 304 My refund was issued but I have not received it.
6 84 Did not receive income tax refund issued by DRS
7 301 Our refund check was (lost, stolen, damaged)
8 86 Why was business tax refund modified or reduced?
9 306 Checking on a refund from a return filed in a prior year.
10 302 I moved after filing and did not get my refund.

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